Boa Trading

We are licensed customs brokers and ship supplier’s specialist of operations and obligations pertaining to Brazilian Customs laws and regulations on imports. In order to face the complexity of customs compliance and to save time and money, businesses often delegate the logistical and administrative tasks customs clearance to an experienced customs broker, as Boa trading.

  • We ensure that your goods are cleared as quickly as possible
  • Release of spare parts in transit
  • Release of spare parts for vessels in “temporary admission in Brazil”
  • Delivery directly onboard vessel or at placed required by ship owners
  • Temporary imports
  • Regular imports
  • Bonded warehouse

Despite the fact that the release systems have become faster, the procedures involved in clearing your goods through customs can begin well before the arrival of your merchandise and they can sometimes end only much later. Boa Praça Group acts in your best interest to make sure your shipments are released by Brazilian customs as faster as possible, so that you can move forward, without having to worry about the administrative and logistical tasks of clearing your goods through customs in Brazil.