Consumables Sales

BP General Tools is one of the most traditional companies in the State of Espirito Santo specialized in machinery, fixings and general tools.
With almost 30 years of experience available to a broad and ever growing range of costumers, BP General Tools replaced Vitopar - a firm founded in 1985. In 2006 BP General Tools became part of the BP Group.
Among our distinctive services and wide range of products, BP has the wealth of sales and technical expertise needed to offer the best solutions to its customers.
Another important competitive difference to note is the high standard of our delivery logistics and performance compliance, as shown by the shortest possible delivery time within the region.

BP also offers integrated marine safety solutions through BP Safety Equipment, a part of the BP group.

BP has extremely competitive prices, without compromising our “Quality Policy”. We are ISO 9001 certified, a clear indication of our commitment to Quality.

It is worth pointing out that BP General Tools is affiliated with Boa Praça Import and Export, a general ship chandler active in the market for over 50 years.

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