Boa Praca Ship Supply is your one-stop supplier for all of your stores and provisions. Everything from a specific brand of coffee to a vital injection valve for your engine. We serve vessels in the offshore market, vessels in transit in the country and ship yards.

We stock a wide range of specialist products to satisfy every crew. Of course we can also arrange to stock special items that are regularly needed on request.

Boa Praça is the only ship supplier in Brazil with three branch offices in the southeast of Brazil, these areas corresponds to 80% of the oil and gas exploration in the country at the moment.  Our strategic location and infrastructure enables the group to provide the best logistic solutions to its customers avoiding extra charges on transportation from one port to another keeping our high quality standard till the end of the supply chain, promoting with our service satisfaction that exceeds the expectations of our customers .

Port served:

  - Rio de Janeiro Ports      - Vitoria Ports
  - Macaé Ports                    - Santos Ports